Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From This to That

Most days Nolan wakes up around 6:30 and plays for about 1 hour before he quickly grows tired. And I mean really tired, after bouncing in his jumperoo or now crawling around and pulling up by the time 7:30 rolls around the kid is zonked. This is often what he looks like for his morning meal. Hardly keeping his head up, resting gently in his hand. Sometimes is head rolls down and the only way you would know he's still awake is that he continues to open his mouth for food and kicks his feet. But AFTER his nap, he is revived and ready to go! While he did stand in the crib on our never-to-be-mentioned-again-trip to San Francisco he hasn't begun doing that in his crib at home. Or at least we haven't seen it. Lately this is what we find when we hear him awake after his nap.
Look out world! Here he comes!

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