Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Cards

This year will be (hopefully) the first of many years we send Christmas cards. I've been thinking about these cards and wondering a lot about them- should we get professional photos taken? Should it just be Nolan? Or Nolan and his parents? Surprisingly I didn't have a difficult job choosing what birth announcement we'd send but for Christmas cards if just seems more challenging- I have no idea why.

Of all the different photo websites out there I use I've always used it, even when my old roommate worked for snapfish I stuck with shutterfly. I love having all my photos at quick glance and the quality of the prints are really special. Most of my artwork in my house are prints from shutterfly (they do larger prints too). While I'm very happy with the products I've purchased from them I've only gotten prints of my photos, not any of the other amazing things they have- photo books, mousepads, cards etc.

So when I saw that Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly... sign up: I absolutely did! So now I just have to choose from my favorites which one I want to pick! So my three favorites are these. Please tell me which you think I should choose:



or more standard:

I'm leaning toward the last one...


  1. Love them all. Let me know if you want me to take a pic of the little guy.

  2. It's moments like this that you need a gay. Here we go: Frosted Frame has to go. It's ugly. And I know you're leaning toward Peppermint Bliss, but it's just too much Christmas. Snow Flurries Cocoa is your best bet because it says "Happy Holiday" and that's appropriate for both your Christian AND Jewish friends.

    Just make sure you change the photos of the little stoned boy and the girl with the bad haircut. What were their parents thinking???

  3. I vote for "Snow Flurries Cocoa". The last one is nice but looks very much like the card you sent out when Nolan was born!