Thursday, October 14, 2010

What we are feeding the little monster

So Nolan is 7 months old. He has been eating mush since for about 3 months now. I make most of the food Nolan eats (except, of course what he drinks in his bottle and when we are out and about/traveling).

For Breakfast at 7:30 he has mush cereal mixed with prune juice or formula or a little of both and two ice cubes of fruit- either apples or pears. (he really enjoyed peaches but they are past their prime now) and 8 oz of formula

For Lunch at noon and Dinner at 4pm he has a veggie medley with chicken, plus fruit and 8 oz of formula. Currently he is enjoying a medley of pureed carrots, cauliflower and chicken. Previously he enjoyed spinach, peas, cauliflower and chicken. His fruit is either pears or apples. Apples and pears are TOTALLY in season and local farms are sending their apples to the grocery so we've been enjoying the apples. But pears are at ridiculously low prices .98/lb so we've been doing lots of those too.

And then at bedtime he gets 8 ounces of formula.

The kid really loves to eat. And what I really love is making the food for him. It was a little boring in the beginning when he was trying new things and eating a single new food only. When I was a little stuck at what new food to try next I started blending veggies together or making his meals complex. Hopefully that will liven his palate...
And seriously, making food is totally easy and really affordable. This week carrots were 2 lbs for $1. A dollar! So I peeled and cut the carrots, boiled them until they were mushy (20 minutes) and then threw them into a blender. Two pounds of carrots will probably contribute to 2 weeks of veggie medley. Factor in the head of cauliflower that cost probably $2 and made 40 ice cubes worth and it is so worth the small effort it takes.

Here's the thing, I totally thought it would be SO much harder to make babyfood. Please allow me to make a recommendation- skip the ice cube trays. Buy some small 1 cup gladware or some silicone cupcake trays (both can be used post babyfood making). For example: Nolan eats 2 cubes of fruit each morning plus one or two at lunch and dinner. So even though I froze them in cubes, I end up defrosting 4-6 of them each day in tupperware anyway.

We've tried broccoli, spinach, peas, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, apples, pears, peaches, cantaloupe and lentils (don't try this- it's gross). Considering his weight, I don't think we'll introduce complex carbs to Nolan anytime soon (pasta, rice, etc). Hopefully next will be yogurt/dairy and/or eggs but still another month before we should do that.

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