Monday, October 4, 2010

We Survived The Corn Maze

Yesterday Nolan and I tagged along with Margeaux and her parents and Great Cousin to Lyman Orchards to take walk through the Corn Maze. Surprisingly we didn't get too lost (like when Dave and I did the Sunflower Maze last year) and it was a lovely day spent. Although the little guy was super tired by the time we left, hence the drowsy photos...
May I please point out how huge this kid is??? I can't even adjust his socks when he's in the Bjorn any more. He is growing at such a rapid pace. Oh and going up and down stairs with the 20 lb kid strapped to yourself is a bit of a challenge. When will he start walking? For my backs sake, please Nolan, skip crawling and just start walking (I know I will regret thinking this when he begins walking...)

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