Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Routine Shift?

NOOOOO!!!! Please don't stray from this routine, Nolan. I love love love it. I feel like such a great mom when we're awake and together and when you fall asleep I NEED the break. This routine works so well with your eating and with our activities.... oh man, please don't change too much.
So Nolan takes 3 naps on most days, at 8am, 12:30 and 4:30 after each of his meals. It's perfect because he eats and has a bottle and then gets drowsy and I put him in his crib. The first two naps are about 2 hours long. Yes. Two hours.

Lately it's been taking Nolan about 1 hour to fall asleep in the morning. And since I wake him at 10 I worry he's not getting enough sleep. The trouble is, he's TIRED. I mean he is so tired after his meal he burrows into my chest, arm, chair, whatever he can. But then I put him down and he rolls around whining. So I ask you readers--- what should I do? Do I let him roll around for an hour? Or do I get him and play for a bit and then put him to sleep again when he's tired and let him sleep all day... oh I just don't know.

So today I'm trying something new. He ate at 8, then rolled around for about 15 minutes. I picked him up, changed his diaper and soaking wet shirt, read a few books and then put him back down. I'll wake him at 10:30. I guess I'll feed him at 12 (or maybe 12:30) and hopefully he'll go to sleep around 1. I will wake him at 2 for our moms-meet-up. And then feed him again at 4 and hopefully he'll take a nap.

Darn it. I loved our routine while it lasted. I'd say the hardest part of each day is not knowing what the day will be like. And these past few months have been WONDERFUL since I could generally count on his nap routine... I guess this little boy is growing up... check out those 4 top teeth!

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