Friday, October 1, 2010

Nolan's First Fear

Last week Dave and I went to library class together with Nolan. And after class the babies all play and explore toys together. Suddenly Nolan started freaking out- crying and panicking like he was afraid of something and he was staring at the corner. We have never really seen him cry like that but it was definitely panic. We realized Nolan was looking at a stuffed this:

When Dave got up to move closer to Clifford the Big Red Dog Nolan started panicking even more and tried to crawl out of Dave's arms. So Dave moved away from Clifford and Nolan settled back down again. I picked Clifford up and petted him and brought him closer and Nolan panicked again. Very Interesting.

Fast-forward to yesterday at a different library there was a Clifford the Big Red Dog puppet. He played with it for a short time before he suddenly got panicky again and tried to get away from the puppet. I tried to get him to realize there was nothing to be afraid of but he was too scared.

Then today at the original frightful location Nolan spied Clifford again and acted agitated but not as panicky. Clifford was about 20 feet away on a shelf in the corner. Nolan was staring at him and watching him closely and wasn't enjoying the class or the songs. So I moved Clifford from sight and Nolan was fine again. We were playing with other toys after class when the instructor started cleaning up and apparently put Clifford back on the shelf where he belonged when Nolan stopped what he was doing and just stared over at the corner again, very cautious. I didn't realize what was going on and wondered what Nolan was staring at until I realized what the instructor did.

I don't know if it's the color red or the big eyes but there is totally something about Clifford that Nolan does NOT like. So I think we'll need to get a book about Clifford to see if we can help Nolan get over this fear. Poor little weirdo.

Whoops- I forgot about Nolan's FIRST fear. I blogged about it several months ago. Five points goes to the first person who writes what it was in the comments section.