Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Day for the Little Guy

Nolan had QUITE an exciting day yesterday! I discovered a new tooth (that totals 5), he crawled/shimmied/moved from point A to point B, and he got a cold. And I mean a leaky nose congestion, coughy cold. No fever, just a little virus. So Nolan has been on a great routine which makes life easy to plan around but with him being sick, do I wake him up from a nap if it's been long enough? What if he's crying because he can't get to sleep, do I go in and snuggle with him until he falls asleep? My game is totally thrown off by this cold. He HATES having his nose suctioned and I won't even attempt the saline nose drops without backup. Poor guy. So we are just laying low. When he's awake, he's still a maniac with small (10 seconds) bouts of downtime.

It's interesting-because he doesn't go to daycare his exposure to kids and germs is much more limited. But when you factor in that EVERYTHING (shoes, swings, instruments at music class, arms of chairs) goes in his mouth, he certainly has significant exposure. People say all babies put things in their mouths. I look around at other babies and they don't mouth things as much as Nolan does. It's crazy. But he is not into the pacifier (I tried it again last night).

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