Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two More Teeth?

On Sunday Nolan was irritating- er, I mean irritable. Poor little guy kept whining and just wasn't his happy jolly little self. It was annoying. As parents we want our child to be happy and will make all sorts of goofy sounds and faces to make that happen. So when all your tricks don't work it is disappointing. And annoying. At one point Dave and I shrugged our shoulders and said 'maybe he's teething??' I think the go-to 'growth spurt' explanation doesn't apply any more. (when your child is between 0-5 months many experts blame the mysterious 'growth spurt' on fussiness, excessive eating, strange sleeping, in-general weirdness. Dave and I never could pinpoint a growth spurt but often as a joke suggested it as an explanation for strange behavior)

So now it's 'teething?'. And whaddya know- yesterday several people said they saw 2 more teeth to confirm Dave's discovery too. I guess I wasn't looking in the right spot but I finally saw them. It looks painful. I think he's struggling a little more with the uppers but in general is doing ok. And since there is an explanation for his not-adorable personality these days it makes things feel a little better for me.

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