Monday, September 6, 2010

Trying to move from defense to offense

I've been trying to move from defense to offense on this kid issue. I need to move out of the 'just trying to get by' and more to the 'getting stuff done' phase. The past few weeks I've been trying to move into a regular exercise routine and all but one day worked well. That day Nolan wouldn't nap when it was time. In my head I heard "Abort, Abort, abandon plan". But otherwise I'm trying to make some moves forward.
Our life is moving to a 'how it used to be' mode a bit. While it is by no means exciting, it is the way we used to do things. Take for example, Friday. Friday played out wonderfully. That night we had a lovely dinner, but the kid to bed and then sat in front of the boob tube. Dave fell asleep on the couch and I got to watch the shows he doesn't watch (Say Yes To The Dress). It was like old times! Then there is Saturday-we had a great morning. We took a walk in Old Wethersfield and then in the afternoon we got ready to watch the first ND game of the season (Dave watched Rudy that morning). Nolan got in his ND jersey, we ordered pizza and Nolan napped and we ate in front of the tv (a rarity in our house). It was fun!

So I think we are moving in a good direction. Every day doesn't got exactly how we plan it but at least we are making moves to resume normal life, whatever that is. But it feels AND tastes good!

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