Friday, September 24, 2010

Traveling Man

On Monday, Dave, Nolan and I flew to Florida to visit my parents for a quick little vacation. My parents live in Orlando FL but we rarely 'do' any of the stuff to do in that area. Mostly it involves drinking too much, swimming, eating and some card games. This time it involved drinking too much, swimming, eating, swimming, cheesecake, swimming, cards and swimming!

Nolan was properly dressed for his first flight in his Team Grandpa onesie and fleece dinosaur hoodie. We had to wake up a little earlier than normal, he wasn't amused. We got through security very quickly and headed to our gate to feed Nolan. He was doing great but hungry. Unfortunately he was so distracted from the airport that when I looked over to see how Dave was doing with the bottle I saw this:
The flight was really super. We didn't feed him on take off and landing and I am not sure he even noticed his ears popping. He was just happy playing with us or with the people behind us. He made a lot of friends on the flight and many commented on how well he did (we know, he's awesome). But more importantly, Dave and I did awesome.
Here's the thing- do you ever notice that people traveling with kids at the airport are ALWAYS yelling at each other? Dave and I sure have. We know traveling can be stressful but when you are snapping at your partner it doesn't make it any easier. We promised we would do our best to stay calm and civil with each other- no snapping, no crappy tones, no bickering. Just make the whole trip as peaceful as can be. And to be honest, I didn't even need to remember the promise. Dave and I were great. And as a result, Nolan was great.
More on our vacation coming up...

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