Monday, September 13, 2010

Six Month Stats

Nolan had is 6 month appointment today for his official weigh in and measure as well as shots. He weighs (immediately after lunch which includes 8 ounces of formula) 20 pounds and 2 ounces. He is also 28.75 inches long. For those interested in percentiles, he is in 89% for weight and 99% for height. What this also means is he has nearly outgrown his carseat! He's exceeding the length limit!

A few things we learned today that were interesting. One was about sleep. Sleep habits are genetic. Who knew? So a 6 month old's habits are indicative of his teenage and adult sleep habits. So when I asked if Nolan slept too much (yes, I did ask that- he averages about 15 hours a day- not complaining, just wondering) she immediately said 'no' but also that when he begins school he'll probably need more sleep and a even nap while he's in kindergarten. It's crazy to think about but really fascinating. Then she asked who sleeps a lot between Dave and I. So Nolan inherited the Mattatall sleep habits. Good for him.

Another thing that was interesting was that it is rare for a Caucasian baby at 6 months to sit up on his own. I was surprised that it varied by ethnicity enough to differentiate. I find that rather fascinating. Nolan has a 'strong core'. Another Mattatall trait.

So all in all the kiddo is doing really well. It was suggested to wait closer to 9 months before introducing dairy and even finger foods. She suggested that we could give finger foods a try and see how it goes but he may not do anything with it except perhaps choke... awesome.

Oh and he's also moving into the era of clothes of varying sizes. Some brands for size 9 months fit him, others the 6-12 months are too tight. Tricky tricky. But he has grown out of many of his 6 month clothes and we are washing a lot of his 12 month clothes to have ready. What fun!

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