Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just one of those days

Yesterday was just one of those days... by 11 I was wondering when it was quitting time. By 4:30 I called Dave making sure he was planning to be home at normal time because I needed a break. How could I need a break from this guy, you might ask?
I wasn't mad at Nolan for throwing up on me 5 times resulting in two changes of clothes for each of us. He wasn't mad at me for trying to make him eat chicken. I wasn't mad at him for rolling around in his bed instead of sleeping. He wasn't mad at me for putting him there. We just needed a break.

For my break: After a long visit to CVS (God, I love that store) I realized I can't go to Starbucks as originally planned, I had no self control when it came to cinnamon scones. My next thought was the bar ... not a bad idea... going by myself was very tempting but also not a good decision with the self control. After a long thorough internal debate, I decided it was safest to go home and drink some water.

Sometimes we all just have one of those days. Days where we endlessly sigh and roll our eyes and shake our heads. I laughed a lot at myself yesterday. But I needed the break.

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