Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's like he is saying, "Mom, look in here"

Nolan had a triple whammy yesterday! Two teeth and a fever (seemingly from the 4 shots he got on Monday). We have glimpsed the teeth coming in but Nolan has been VERY protective of his mouth lately so we haven't gotten a great view of themA few times over the past few days I've forced my finger in there to feel around. They were coming but not here yet. But Nolan has had his fingers in his mouth a LOT lately. While it makes cute pictures, it also is a path for the faucet of drool to flow from. Here's a great view of the two bottoms that came in about a month ago. Those are also the ones that he was using this morning to grind the uppers with. That's right. He got those upper two yesterday and he's already grinding his teeth. It sounds awful.

So today is a new day. Fever- gone. Teeth- out. Now lets get on with our day and back to the days where he is endlessly smiling! We look forward to our lunch plans and sign language class tonight.

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  1. I can't get over how he already looks so much bigger and I saw him a month ago! That is so crazy!