Saturday, September 25, 2010

Florida Vacation Blog #2- do what the locals do

Our trip to Florida was very relaxing. Nolan's day was to wake up at 6:30 (or get woken up at 7am) and play with Daddy and Gramma, have breakfast and snooze at 8am until someone woke him up at 10. Play with Dad, Gramma, Grampa Jack and Mommy for a while, eat lunch at noon and snooze again. Wake up (or be woken at 2) and swim UNTIL 3:30. Yes, the kid is a master swimmer. Then at 4 have dinner and another snooze until 5:30 (swimming takes a lot out of you). Then to bed around 7:30. Not a bad routine for the little guy.

My parents were so thoughtful and borrowed some really great items to help make Nolan's trip a little easier on us. They got a high chair and a really cool stationary entertainer that Nolan really enjoyed. They also bought him a few things- one was a REALLY cool pool float. And Nolan LOVED IT! The first day he spent about 30 minutes in the pool but the next two days he spent about an hour in the pool. 60 minutes. Yep, he's a little fish. The best part of each swim is the snuggle time after. Look how refreshed this little guy looks!

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