Friday, September 3, 2010

Communicating? Or Good Guessing?

The past few days have been really exciting on a very micro level. On Tuesday Nolan and I turned a big corner. He was playing his Jumperoo when suddenly he stopped and started staring in a particular direction. I wondered when he would resume his crazy bouncing but several seconds went by and he just kept staring. I looked over at what he was staring at and realized it was Rupert, his bear. So I bring Rupert over and he grabs him by the hands and starts bouncing like a maniac again, holding Rupert. Then he dropped Rupert and Rupert fell to the floor, out of sight. And what did Nolan do? HE LOOKED FOR RUPERT! He understood for the first time 'object permanence'. Prior to this, Nolan just assumed he vanished. This is an interesting milestone but I'm afraid what this means is Dave and I are entering into the era of the pick-up game... But he looked SO cute peering over the tray looking for Rupert.

Then last night Nolan and I were sitting on the floor when he started tapping my leg and looking at my lap. So I asked him if he wanted to sit in my lap and hoisted him over. He settled in and I grabbed his toy and he happily played on my lap for a while. It was amazing!

I think we are communicating. Either that or it was a good guess.

Nolan in his magic sleeping pants and his morning bear. (this is not Rupert).

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