Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Week

Ok Ok, so no one really commented on the crawling (people... you can post comments at the bottom of each post... I'd love to read your comments). I suppose it's not REALLY crawling but sure is cute. He is determined. BUT... yesterday he truly did something that was very exciting.


Yes, and it is unmistakable. He puts his arms out as far as they go and then brings them together for a single clap. It is really adorable. Really. This morning he was SO happy it was fun. Many mornings he is often drowsy and just rolls around trying to find a place to burrow his face into and sleep. But this morning he was big smiles and claps.
Here are some more action shots of the crawling attempts. I'll try to get a photo or two of the rug burn on his face from these attempts and also his bedtime burrowing.


  1. "Ok Ok, so no one really commented on the crawling"

    I'm making my Eeyore face right now.

    Is that how you speel Eeyore?

  2. what is an EEYORE? and what is an EEYORE face? Not that you are a 'no one'. Sorry, dear. I know lots of people read the blog, or so they tell me, but you are the only one who comments. Perhaps because they need a log in? I cherish YOUR comments, sweets.

  3. Eeyore! It's that strange donkey-like creature from Winnie the Pooh! You'll learn it eventually I imagine...