Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Week

Ok Ok, so no one really commented on the crawling (people... you can post comments at the bottom of each post... I'd love to read your comments). I suppose it's not REALLY crawling but sure is cute. He is determined. BUT... yesterday he truly did something that was very exciting.


Yes, and it is unmistakable. He puts his arms out as far as they go and then brings them together for a single clap. It is really adorable. Really. This morning he was SO happy it was fun. Many mornings he is often drowsy and just rolls around trying to find a place to burrow his face into and sleep. But this morning he was big smiles and claps.
Here are some more action shots of the crawling attempts. I'll try to get a photo or two of the rug burn on his face from these attempts and also his bedtime burrowing.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Florida Vacation Blog #2- do what the locals do

Our trip to Florida was very relaxing. Nolan's day was to wake up at 6:30 (or get woken up at 7am) and play with Daddy and Gramma, have breakfast and snooze at 8am until someone woke him up at 10. Play with Dad, Gramma, Grampa Jack and Mommy for a while, eat lunch at noon and snooze again. Wake up (or be woken at 2) and swim UNTIL 3:30. Yes, the kid is a master swimmer. Then at 4 have dinner and another snooze until 5:30 (swimming takes a lot out of you). Then to bed around 7:30. Not a bad routine for the little guy.

My parents were so thoughtful and borrowed some really great items to help make Nolan's trip a little easier on us. They got a high chair and a really cool stationary entertainer that Nolan really enjoyed. They also bought him a few things- one was a REALLY cool pool float. And Nolan LOVED IT! The first day he spent about 30 minutes in the pool but the next two days he spent about an hour in the pool. 60 minutes. Yep, he's a little fish. The best part of each swim is the snuggle time after. Look how refreshed this little guy looks!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Traveling Man

On Monday, Dave, Nolan and I flew to Florida to visit my parents for a quick little vacation. My parents live in Orlando FL but we rarely 'do' any of the stuff to do in that area. Mostly it involves drinking too much, swimming, eating and some card games. This time it involved drinking too much, swimming, eating, swimming, cheesecake, swimming, cards and swimming!

Nolan was properly dressed for his first flight in his Team Grandpa onesie and fleece dinosaur hoodie. We had to wake up a little earlier than normal, he wasn't amused. We got through security very quickly and headed to our gate to feed Nolan. He was doing great but hungry. Unfortunately he was so distracted from the airport that when I looked over to see how Dave was doing with the bottle I saw this:
The flight was really super. We didn't feed him on take off and landing and I am not sure he even noticed his ears popping. He was just happy playing with us or with the people behind us. He made a lot of friends on the flight and many commented on how well he did (we know, he's awesome). But more importantly, Dave and I did awesome.
Here's the thing- do you ever notice that people traveling with kids at the airport are ALWAYS yelling at each other? Dave and I sure have. We know traveling can be stressful but when you are snapping at your partner it doesn't make it any easier. We promised we would do our best to stay calm and civil with each other- no snapping, no crappy tones, no bickering. Just make the whole trip as peaceful as can be. And to be honest, I didn't even need to remember the promise. Dave and I were great. And as a result, Nolan was great.
More on our vacation coming up...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Electronic Genius

I am an electronic genius. Well, actually, I am not. I can't figure most electronic things out BUT I was given an IPOD TOUCH for my birthday and I was so excited... except my itunes was totally screwed up, we didn't have wireless Internet and I have no idea how to find or download 'apps'. Oh boy, will I ever get to 'play' with my new toy?

So this weekend I did a lot of computer maintenance and I AM A GENIUS! I fixed my itunes (which meant to copy all my cds again). I bought a wireless router AND installed it. While I was at BestBuy getting the router I got some free advice and tips from Nicole, a bestbuy employee. She was awesome and helped me figure out how to make the ipod work. (Example, I know I downloaded facebook to the ipod touch but couldn't FIND it on the ipod touch). I downloaded some apps, downloaded a tv show, got some silly games to play and (this is a big one) put my calendar on the ipod. So this might mean bye-bye dayplanner. (this makes me a little sad but I need to move to the new era). I thought about downloading skype but then realized the ipod touch doesn't have a camera... still learning...

This is one of those things I could not have done without a really amazing husband to handle Nolan most of the weekend so I could tackle this project. Oh, and while I was at it, I also saved some photos (oh, about 1000) to discs and deleted from our hard drive. This was also an interesting and not as easy as I expected it to be. But I figured it out.

I know some of you will laugh at how this sounds. But truly, after this weekend, I feel like I took leaps and bounds into a whole new world. So if anyone knows any really cool Apps, please send me an email.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where's Nolan?

At night we sneak in to look at how cute Nolan is. He sleeps on, well, his face and knees with his bum up in the air, legs crossed and arms tucked under his body. It is so adorable we can't help but peek in and look. Now that Nolan is slightly mobile, he rolls, slides and maneuvers himself all over his crib so we never know where we'll find him. A few nights ago Dave dressed him for bed in this. So at night when we peeked in to see him, all we could find was a little head (hands are tucked under him). Nolan was camouflaged with his sheets!
In the morning it's easier to find him since it's brighter. And he's making noise.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's like he is saying, "Mom, look in here"

Nolan had a triple whammy yesterday! Two teeth and a fever (seemingly from the 4 shots he got on Monday). We have glimpsed the teeth coming in but Nolan has been VERY protective of his mouth lately so we haven't gotten a great view of themA few times over the past few days I've forced my finger in there to feel around. They were coming but not here yet. But Nolan has had his fingers in his mouth a LOT lately. While it makes cute pictures, it also is a path for the faucet of drool to flow from. Here's a great view of the two bottoms that came in about a month ago. Those are also the ones that he was using this morning to grind the uppers with. That's right. He got those upper two yesterday and he's already grinding his teeth. It sounds awful.

So today is a new day. Fever- gone. Teeth- out. Now lets get on with our day and back to the days where he is endlessly smiling! We look forward to our lunch plans and sign language class tonight.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Six Month Stats

Nolan had is 6 month appointment today for his official weigh in and measure as well as shots. He weighs (immediately after lunch which includes 8 ounces of formula) 20 pounds and 2 ounces. He is also 28.75 inches long. For those interested in percentiles, he is in 89% for weight and 99% for height. What this also means is he has nearly outgrown his carseat! He's exceeding the length limit!

A few things we learned today that were interesting. One was about sleep. Sleep habits are genetic. Who knew? So a 6 month old's habits are indicative of his teenage and adult sleep habits. So when I asked if Nolan slept too much (yes, I did ask that- he averages about 15 hours a day- not complaining, just wondering) she immediately said 'no' but also that when he begins school he'll probably need more sleep and a even nap while he's in kindergarten. It's crazy to think about but really fascinating. Then she asked who sleeps a lot between Dave and I. So Nolan inherited the Mattatall sleep habits. Good for him.

Another thing that was interesting was that it is rare for a Caucasian baby at 6 months to sit up on his own. I was surprised that it varied by ethnicity enough to differentiate. I find that rather fascinating. Nolan has a 'strong core'. Another Mattatall trait.

So all in all the kiddo is doing really well. It was suggested to wait closer to 9 months before introducing dairy and even finger foods. She suggested that we could give finger foods a try and see how it goes but he may not do anything with it except perhaps choke... awesome.

Oh and he's also moving into the era of clothes of varying sizes. Some brands for size 9 months fit him, others the 6-12 months are too tight. Tricky tricky. But he has grown out of many of his 6 month clothes and we are washing a lot of his 12 month clothes to have ready. What fun!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day at the Farm

Today we went to Riverview Festival Farm in Glastonbury. I wasn't sure if Nolan would be interested in the animals but thought it would be fun for us (read: me) to go. I think Nolan had a good time. The baby goats were really interested in him
There were 4 day old chickensBut Nolan was more interested in the donkey, but not when it started to HEE HAW while we were there.
But his favorite part was, by far!, the piglets. He watched them for a while. He was very interested, they were very smelly and made some fun oinking sounds.
So we sat for a while and watched them play.
I think he had a great time!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Like His Mom

I can still remember hearing my parents tell me to take my feet off the wall. I had a lamp that hung on a chain up the wall and across the ceiling. When I put my feet on the wall and swayed them from side to side it would rattle the chain alerting them I was awake. I'd do that in the morning or in the evening. I loved how cool the wall felt on my feet. I'm sure there were nights were I fell asleep with my feet up the wall. A few days ago I came upon this. And it made me laugh and brought back all of those memories. Oh Nolan... you are so much like me in so many ways. With your feet up on the wall and fingers in your mouth just lounging around you bring me back to my childhood.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who is Six Months Old Today?

NOLAN IS! Happy Half Birthday, Buddy. I can't believe it has been 6 months!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two More Teeth?

On Sunday Nolan was irritating- er, I mean irritable. Poor little guy kept whining and just wasn't his happy jolly little self. It was annoying. As parents we want our child to be happy and will make all sorts of goofy sounds and faces to make that happen. So when all your tricks don't work it is disappointing. And annoying. At one point Dave and I shrugged our shoulders and said 'maybe he's teething??' I think the go-to 'growth spurt' explanation doesn't apply any more. (when your child is between 0-5 months many experts blame the mysterious 'growth spurt' on fussiness, excessive eating, strange sleeping, in-general weirdness. Dave and I never could pinpoint a growth spurt but often as a joke suggested it as an explanation for strange behavior)

So now it's 'teething?'. And whaddya know- yesterday several people said they saw 2 more teeth to confirm Dave's discovery too. I guess I wasn't looking in the right spot but I finally saw them. It looks painful. I think he's struggling a little more with the uppers but in general is doing ok. And since there is an explanation for his not-adorable personality these days it makes things feel a little better for me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trying to move from defense to offense

I've been trying to move from defense to offense on this kid issue. I need to move out of the 'just trying to get by' and more to the 'getting stuff done' phase. The past few weeks I've been trying to move into a regular exercise routine and all but one day worked well. That day Nolan wouldn't nap when it was time. In my head I heard "Abort, Abort, abandon plan". But otherwise I'm trying to make some moves forward.
Our life is moving to a 'how it used to be' mode a bit. While it is by no means exciting, it is the way we used to do things. Take for example, Friday. Friday played out wonderfully. That night we had a lovely dinner, but the kid to bed and then sat in front of the boob tube. Dave fell asleep on the couch and I got to watch the shows he doesn't watch (Say Yes To The Dress). It was like old times! Then there is Saturday-we had a great morning. We took a walk in Old Wethersfield and then in the afternoon we got ready to watch the first ND game of the season (Dave watched Rudy that morning). Nolan got in his ND jersey, we ordered pizza and Nolan napped and we ate in front of the tv (a rarity in our house). It was fun!

So I think we are moving in a good direction. Every day doesn't got exactly how we plan it but at least we are making moves to resume normal life, whatever that is. But it feels AND tastes good!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Day for the Little Guy

September 4th, 2010- Another one of Nolan's firsts--- his first Notre Dame Football Game. AND it was a win! Yay for Nolan.

His day started out with a splash...
Every true fan should have a jersey for their favorite team...
And we allowed for some TV time, a first. Can you see why we don't like him to watch? He wears this expression anytime the tv is on. But obviously he was intently watching the game. And no, we didn't give him ONLY blue and green blocks to play with. He chose those colors himself- I told you- a huge fan!
He was a happy boy! So was his Dad who got to see his team win! Go Irish!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Communicating? Or Good Guessing?

The past few days have been really exciting on a very micro level. On Tuesday Nolan and I turned a big corner. He was playing his Jumperoo when suddenly he stopped and started staring in a particular direction. I wondered when he would resume his crazy bouncing but several seconds went by and he just kept staring. I looked over at what he was staring at and realized it was Rupert, his bear. So I bring Rupert over and he grabs him by the hands and starts bouncing like a maniac again, holding Rupert. Then he dropped Rupert and Rupert fell to the floor, out of sight. And what did Nolan do? HE LOOKED FOR RUPERT! He understood for the first time 'object permanence'. Prior to this, Nolan just assumed he vanished. This is an interesting milestone but I'm afraid what this means is Dave and I are entering into the era of the pick-up game... But he looked SO cute peering over the tray looking for Rupert.

Then last night Nolan and I were sitting on the floor when he started tapping my leg and looking at my lap. So I asked him if he wanted to sit in my lap and hoisted him over. He settled in and I grabbed his toy and he happily played on my lap for a while. It was amazing!

I think we are communicating. Either that or it was a good guess.

Nolan in his magic sleeping pants and his morning bear. (this is not Rupert).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just one of those days

Yesterday was just one of those days... by 11 I was wondering when it was quitting time. By 4:30 I called Dave making sure he was planning to be home at normal time because I needed a break. How could I need a break from this guy, you might ask?
I wasn't mad at Nolan for throwing up on me 5 times resulting in two changes of clothes for each of us. He wasn't mad at me for trying to make him eat chicken. I wasn't mad at him for rolling around in his bed instead of sleeping. He wasn't mad at me for putting him there. We just needed a break.

For my break: After a long visit to CVS (God, I love that store) I realized I can't go to Starbucks as originally planned, I had no self control when it came to cinnamon scones. My next thought was the bar ... not a bad idea... going by myself was very tempting but also not a good decision with the self control. After a long thorough internal debate, I decided it was safest to go home and drink some water.

Sometimes we all just have one of those days. Days where we endlessly sigh and roll our eyes and shake our heads. I laughed a lot at myself yesterday. But I needed the break.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hazy Hot and Humid

How about those teeth?It's hazy hot and humid... again. man this has been a crazy summer. I really don't like when people complain about the weather-ESPECIALLY in New England when the weather is always changing. But whew, this summer has been rough with the hazy hot and humid. It's too hot to do stuff with Nolan. It's too hot to take a walk and we forgot the stinking pool on the Cape. So we have the blanket and the air conditioning. I wish we set up the hammock- although I'm sure I couldn't get in or out of it with the munchkin