Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vacation Blog #6- Family Bed

The whole vacation there were willing and ready arms to hold Nolan, it was a true vacation for us. In New Hampshire we stayed at Dave's family cabin. So when Nolan woke up around 6 or 6:30 (when we would normally bring him into our bed to snuggle and play) we had several beds to plop Nolan. The first morning Dave walked across the hall to bring Nolan into Nana and Grampa's bed and he heard from Auntie Sus and Uncle Geoff's bed- 'I'll take him!'. It was SUCH a treat to have that extra sleeping time. The first day I fell right back asleep and also slept through Nolan's first nap back in our room and woke up at 10 when Nolan was waking from his first nap. WOW. So luxurious!

So each morning Nolan was brought to what I called the 'Family Bed' because all the Mattatalls except for Uncle Jim congregated onto one bed to play with Nolan. He loved it (so did I).

Too bad Dave requested not to have the 'family bed' photos put on the blog because they are cute. But not very flattering. This is an adorable photo though!

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