Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation Blog #4- On the Beach- New Hampshire

I have SO many photos of Nolan on the beach in New Hampshire. Dave grew up spending much of his summers in New Hampshire on this very beach. The people who come daily to the beach are people Dave considers his extended family. So when Nolan came to the beach it was like a celebrity sighting! He's a great swimmer which makes this especially fun! Nolan's first swimming lesson, how to blow bubbles. He was more interested in Grampy's hair while Daddy and Uncle Geoff observed.
While you can't see Nolan, he is the one all of the people are looking at. It was like a celebrity sighting, people just mulling around trying to get a glimpse of the little guy. He sat on the water's edge and played (read: tried to eat) sand.

Right after this photo was taken, Grampa started squirting Nolan with that toy in his hand. Nolan didn't mind the squirting but was more interested in getting the orange cup into his mouth. It took a while to also convince the family that the squirty toy was a whale, not a shark. But we all have things we need to work on: Dad- animals (no that giraffe is not a horsey); Mom- colors (no, that is not green, it's blue).

And nothing says vacation like a post-swim snooze.

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