Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update, no photo

Blogging from vacation! Although we are heading back very soon so please don't rob our house...

This week Dave, Nolan and I packed up and headed off to see loads of family! We spent the first leg of our vacation on the Cape with my Mom's side of the family reunion. There were 12 from Canada and 12 from the States plus the 4 grandkiddos all gathered (yes, 28 people total). We had many firsts- meeting Grandie (Great Gram), meeting all sorts of 2nd cousins, Great Aunts and Uncles, hitting the beach, seeing the ocean and a seagull, being startled by noises, etc. Nolan was the same old ham he normally is, a happy baby with lots of smiles (and showing off his teeth!)

The second leg of the trip was to New Hampshire to see Nana and Grampa, Auntie Sus and Uncle Geoff as well as the New Hampshire Beach Crew. Dave grew up spending much of his summers in New Hampshire so many of these people are like his extended family. It was fun to show off Nolan and to bring him to the beach. He has some traditions to upkeep, like frog hunting in the brook and playing whiffle ball on the beach. This trip he sat at the waters edge and tried to eat sand. Once he got a fistfull in his mouth but otherwise was unsuccessful at those attempts. He went for a few swims and spent most of his beachtime in the water. He's really great with swimming. I also hit up the outlet stores and got some great stuff for Nolan! We haven't had to buy many clothes for him due to the outpouring of generosity via gifts and hand-me-downs. It was fun to shop for him! I can't wait for the whole family to put on our fleece pants and settle in for a football game!

I will have photos of this trip each day this week. Stay tuned!

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