Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready for the next tub?

This was Nolan at 1 month old, in the tub. He sat in a sling because he was too little (and his parents were too nervous) for sitting in the seat of his little mobile tub. He was a little peanut and didn't love taking a bath. We would put him in and get him out as quickly as we could. Soon he graduated to sitting in the sloped part of the tub. Then it got harder to clean his leg folds and get his arms out because he was taking up too much of the tub. Then we began sitting him up in the 'deep end' of the tub. But now he's begun to play and splash and kick his feet which sloshes the water out of the tub... and onto his carpet in his room.
Pretty soon we'll have to move to the big-boy tub. I suspect we'll end up doing that next week- my knees are not looking forward to that. But we'll be on vacation and won't be bringing his baby tub so we're forced into the transition. Otherwise I think I'd hold onto the baby tub for a while longer- Wow, growing so fast.

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