Monday, August 9, 2010

Five Months Old... and Teething(?)

Today Nolan is five months old. Wow. I remember meeting a baby who was five months old and thinking 'that's a little baby' but when I look at Nolan I can't see a little baby. I see a little boy who is growing so big and strong, who is learning to communicate and who Dave and I love so very much. Amazing.

How do I know if Nolan is teething? The kid has been drooling buckets for weeks now. He chews on anything he gets his hands on, including his body parts. Yesterday he was munching away on my finger and I noticed a little bump. Today I noticed a bump that kind of feels a little sharp. And he's been kind of cranky, not the content little baby we are used to. He's been a little 'high maintenence'. If I leave the room for a second he has a little meltdown (normally does this when he's tired). He's falling asleep in our arms really quickly but not in his crib very easily.

SO- the question is, do we bend the rules if the little guy is teething? Do we pick him up if he cries for 15 minutes?

I know lots of people out there read this blog--- please comment with any teething advice and share your thoughts on if we bend the rules?

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