Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We got a pool for Nolan a few weeks ago. It cost $8 so why not? Even if we used it one time it'd be worth the $8. I mean, seriously, what can you get for $8 these days? I spend $8 on a trip to Starbucks! Dave doesn't. He spends $1.50, but me, with my Grande two-pump non-fat vanilla latte and a cinnamon scone - it comes to nearly $8. I digress...

So we got this pool that is 3 feet around and 1 foot deep. Not bad, that's a good size for a little tyke like him. So Dave sets up the pool and starts cracking up at the warning label. So I read the Warning labels.

If you can't read it, they say:

Warning! This is not a life saving device. blah blah. (Hello! It's a POOL. If someone were drowning are you going to throw a pool at them? Come on!)

Next one is decent- don't leave kids unattended. Yep, good advice.

Warning! Do not dive into this pool. (Did I mention it's 1 foot deep? If there is an idiot who would dive into this pool they probably couldn't read so what's the point in mentioning this one?)

(my favorite) Do not leave toys inside pool when finished using. Since toys and similar items might attache a child to the pool.

Attache? seriously? You think similar items might attache? That doesn't make any sense? Do you mean ATTRACT? Oh boy. Dave and I shook our head in disbelief. We thought the no diving one was funny until we read the Attache warning.

We will be sure to protect Nolan from the dangers of this pool. Thank you for the warning, pool manufacturer?

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