Friday, July 30, 2010


It is crazy to watch Nolan develop. On Monday he was sitting with his Boppy, supported, and even fell over (which he REALLY didn't like). But he's getting there. Yesterday at music class he sat up on his own for most of the class. It's like watching a plant grow daily. He is having so many little milestones daily (like the snorting). He's eating Apples, Pears and now Bananas as well as rice cereal. He loves the cereal. The rest of the stuff, he is warming up to it. He is sleeping really well on his own. He is playing in his exersaucer and jumparoo toy, he's sitting up, he's interested in (eating) blocks and rings. He's actually playing with things. It's really cool to see him figure things out. I'm so amazed by him daily.

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