Sunday, July 4, 2010

Party Animal

Nolan is a party animal. When we go to parties he 'turns it on' and is an absolutely adorable baby. He'll be held by anyone, laughing and smiling the whole day. Yesterday Nolan and I went to a neighbor's picnic and I only knew a few people. I was worried how he would handle the heat and all the poeple and frankly how I would do (how do I eat and hold him, etc). But before I was even introduced to people they were practically begging me to hold him. He was a delight. Most people didn't mind him drooling all over them, especially if he flashed his toothless smile. Today we went to Luke, Jenna and Brian's picnic. And it was HOT. Wow, 93 degrees today (and should get hotter as the week progresses). He was fun and cute when we first got there, then he got sleepy. He took a snooze in the air conditioning and then we changed into our swimming outfits and went in the big pool for the first time ever. And he enjoyed it. I won't say he loved it. But after a few minutes he was smiling, especially when we made motor boat sounds. I am not sure if he just enjoyed cooling off or if he liked the pool but I sure enjoyed it too.

Photos of us in the pool are en route. Hopefully they will get posted soon.

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