Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Things In Nolan's Life

Nolan has lots of new things in his life, one of the new things is bib-wearing. The kid drools like it's his job. I mean BUCKETS of drool pour out of the kids mouth. He's a happy little baby and sometimes when he smiles it just pushes all the drool out of his mouth like a wave. I've held him and had the drool run down my back. Dave's had it run down his arm. It's gross. So all those cute little matching bibs that came with adorable little outfits... yeah, I get it now.

When we first got the outfit/bib combo I wondered- how many bibs does one kid need? But seriously Nolan goes through about 2 a day. When he soaks one all the way through we switch it out. We probably could let it air dry and reuse it but since we have so many, why not go through them all. I am not sure how he feels about them but I KNOW he loves this one.

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  1. Ha ha.. this made me laugh. Matt can go through 10 bibs in a day without even trying. Sometimes I don't even have one velcro'd all the way and it's ready for the laundry basket.

    Doug told me he saw you out shopping. I sent him to get a mesh bumper for the crib because Matt rolls onto his stomach and gets his legs stuck in the crib slats now. It's a little scary. Let me know if you actually want to coordinate a shopping trip together someday!