Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He devours books

We live in a nice little town with a nice little library. Our town is lovely and I especially love it because there are not a lot of box stores and most stores are locally owned etc. BUT as a result we don't get great tax revenue etc... So our library is cutting back on services etc. This upsets me terribly since I love this town and one of the reasons was when I moved here in 2003 I fell in love with the library.

When Dave and I moved in together, we moved to the neighboring town. Dave fell in love with THAT town library. We have since moved back to the town I especially love. Ever since we joke that he hates our town library. We can borrow from all libraries and often Dave's library has books available that My library doesn't. That is the case for this month's book club book- The Little Prince. So I mosey over to Dave's library and look in the card catalog and turns out the book club book can be found on the children's shelf. So I head to the children's section of Dave's library and the librarian greets me, helps me find the book and asks if I've received a baby gift from the library? A present? My goodness! I tell her that I am not a resident of this town. She laughed and said, we don't discriminate. And gives me a little gift bag: What an adorable little gift. The bag is the alphabet. How cute for a library present. And Nolan just LOVES those baby faces books. And the Born to Read bib? Adorable. Also included was the pamphlet about how important reading is to children, a list of the baby activities Dave's library offers and a library card application (which we can't use because we don't live in that town, but still). Seriously- what a great idea!
Nolan just loves books. Well, he really loves putting them in his mouth. In this chair, while munching on his new book he managed to have two streams of drool run down the book length and dribble onto his leg and onto the counter. I'll consider that 'reading' for now.
(notice he still has one hand on his right foot... he loves that right foot!)

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