Monday, July 12, 2010

4 months old

Now that Nolan is 4 months old, the world changes. Four months is a milestone for many reasons but one is we can offer him food.

He's recently converted over to formula and has done so with almost no interruption. Except I didn't know how much I should be giving him. Turns out I was giving him like half of what he should have been getting. No wonder he didn't sleep! So after reading documents the doctor gave us (and didn't read 2 months ago), he's getting more food which has meant an easier job sleeping.

Soon we'll introduce cereal. I'm excited (at the idea he might begin to sleep through the night) and saddened (that he's growing up and is soon going to be eating food!). It's also very unlike me to move to something new before I have the current situation figured out. But I think that's parenting- never really knowing what you are doing, just trying to figure it out as you go.

So I have the cereal, I have the spoons. Gramma is coming to town tomorrow so hopefully she'll offer some advice on what and how we should do this. Don't worry, there will be plenty of photos!

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