Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why didn't he get THAT trait from Dave?

Nolan doesn't like to sleep. It's weird, especially since Dave REALLY loves to sleep. But Mr. Nolan, every time he starts to get tired we try to get him to fall asleep he fights it, wails, cries, whines etc. Last night in an effort to get him to sleep Dave and Nolan got so sweaty it was gross. Seriously Nolan, just close your eyes and GO TO SLEEP.

Although we might be taking steps closer to something good. This weekend he fell alseep (in my arms in an empty room bouncing and singing) at a party. Yesterday he fell asleep in a restaurant and today while rocking in his car seat waiting to go out. These are great strides since they did not involve screaming and wailing before the eye-closing.

Why does he fight it so?

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