Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nighttime- good. Daytime- not so

So Dave and I (and our pediatrician) have figured out a great routine for nighttime that helps little Nolan and Mom and Dad sleep well. While discussing our routine and Nolan's sleeping habits we discovered that we have harbored a terrible habit. During the day, Nolan sleeps really great... IN OUR ARMS. He is 3 months old and he still sleeps in our arms. But he sleeps great in our arms.

So today is the first day of Nolan's new life. And to be honest, I'm not sure he's going to like it very much for the first week or so. And probably not me either. But in an effort to get Nolan on a little bit of a napping routine and to get him to sleep in his crib during the day we've decided we're going to let him cry/ fuss it out. We'll create a routine and stick to it. He will catch on. Right?

This sucks. I'm hiding where I can hardly hear him but I can still hear him crying... Maybe I'll take a shower now.

UPDATE: I let him scream for 45 minutes and then gave up.

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