Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Bedtime Routine

What a big boy we have. He's been really interested in more complicated things like toys that make sound and have many options. I put him in his exersaucer and he was very interested in many of the toys. But mostly he enjoyed the fabric of the little seat he's sitting in. He spent the most time trying to pick off the little pictures from the fabric. Still a baby... he's still a baby. We've decided we need to re-vamp Nolan's sleeping routine. While we thought it was a 'routine' it really wasn't- it was more a bedtime. He really hates the routine we currently have him on- which seems to be- at 8pm, sit him on our laps on the rocker in the living room and try to read to him while he fusses and screams, then stick a pacifier in his mouth and try to get him to calm down in any way possible, all the while him screaming for about 1 hour until he finally falls asleep- everyone involved exhausted. Yeah, that wasn't really working. So we'll start earlier and incorporate rubbing lotion/massage, changing his clothes, sitting in the rocker (in his room, not the living room) and rocking with the fish music box playing. Hopefully those things will trigger 'sleep' to him.

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