Wednesday, June 9, 2010

are you sleeping?

How can something this adorable make me feel so angry and inadequate? This little drool-monster has had Dave and I running in circles trying to figure out how to get back what we had- a happy baby who was falling asleep and staying asleep except for one wake up to eat. We even called the doctor- who offered really no advice. She did not recommend letting him cry himself to sleep, which we both were considering doing. She suggested doing mostly what we are doing. Except we are both extremely frustrated with that option and now sleep deprived. The trouble isn't always getting him to fall asleep but more so getting him to stay asleep through the transition from our arms to his bed. Or when removing the pacifier. When we place him down he wakes up. And doesn't fall back asleep.
We both agreed to do this new bedtime for a full week. It is day three, night two. He has been falling asleep in our arms ok, no longer wailing for an hour. However we need to work on getting him to sleep in the crib, which has averaged 2 wake ups making bedtime still longer than an hour but not wailing. Although he was up for 2.5 hours last night. why???
But seriously- how cute is he?

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