Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This sucks

Yesterday afternoon Nolan began doing something that makes him seem a little bit like a crazy person. He has been furiously sucking. Sucking his arm so hard he has a hickey on each, his hands so he makes slurping sounds and nothing will calm him down except the act of sucking. He doesn't seem hungry and I think it's too early for teeth. We have been using a pacifier but I have this fear that he will become the baby that sleeps with a sucker/paci/binkie and when he loses it he'll scream and we'll have to jump up and put it back in his mouth. I fear that baby.

So we finally got him to sleep after much sucking and some of my bad attempts of getting whatever he is sucking on out of his mouth. I swaddle him up and lay him to bed. I woke up at one point last night to slurping. He wrangled his little hand out of the swaddle just so he could suck on it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing except he doesn't have enough control of his arms to control where his hands go and often he's banging himself in his face. The swaddled arm with the hand out was perfect actually for his needs since the elbow was still tucked in, just his little hand was up near his face.

Eventually he settled down and has not been as crazy about the sucking as midnight and last evening but it was a scary and frustrating experience. And it was our first truly frustrating night. I'm sure it won't be our last.

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