Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rough Day

Today was a tough day. Nolan tends to be a great sleeper but last night he was not. He was up more often than normal and was screaming and flailing around in his sleep. Yes, while sleeping he was acting like a little crazy person. When it's not night time this is a very funny phenomenon. Because he will just settle right back into a sound sleep again. Last night he was not settling. But the minute he was picked up he'd settle. Put him down and get back into bed, he'd flail again, throwing his head from side to side.

So after a rough night we had a rough day. He screwed up his nap due to a class we started taking and wouldn't chill out at all during the day. Finally around 3:30 after an emergency call to Dave to get reassured that Dave was, in fact, coming home tonight and to ask him to come home as early as possible, Nolan slept.

We took this photo while getting ready for his Nana's birthday party. We popped his collar and realized he looks a bit like Elvis. We couldn't get Nolan to do the accent but it would have been great if he had a wig to make hair come out of his shirt!

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