Monday, May 17, 2010

His Nemesis, the Zebra-Man

Nolan doesn't 'love' the swing. He tolerates it. He enjoyed it more as a baby (read: fell asleep in it) and as he's gotten bigger he doesn't fall asleep and often we are taking him out of it because he seems agitated or angry.

This is Nolan's view from the seat.

He has recently become more interested in the dangling bears mobile as well as the giraffe and zebra on the tray. He looks at the bears comically and sometimes laughs at their movement. He looks at the giraffe with rings around his neck passively- like 'why in the world do you have rings around your neck, Giraffe? There is no pool in sight' But the zebra... the zebra gets the stare down. The zebra gets most of little Nolan's attention and it's not good attention. The zebra gets the 'what are you looking at chump?' stare.

I didn't believe it when Dave said he thought Nolan didn't like the zebra. But after watching for a few evenings I have to agree, Nolan doesn't like the zebra. So now when Nolan gets agitated at the zebra and starts to yell at it, we do this. It calms Nolan immediately.

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