Sunday, May 2, 2010

Date Night

Last night Dave and I went out together without Nolan for the second time since he was born. (BIG thank you goes out to Nana and Grampa for the offer to babysit!) The first time was for 45 minutes to Starbucks when he was 3.5 weeks old. Last night we went out for a drink and to see The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at the Hartford Stage.

When we were having our drink it crossed my mind to skip the play and have another drink then go back to the car for a nap for a few hours. It was a brief (and very funny) moment. It's not that our sleep isn't interrupted, really, we couldn't ask for a better nighttime sleeper, but that we never know when or if it will be interrupted.

The play was good but it was just so wonderful to reconnect with Dave. I miss him a lot. I think we are doing a great job parenting our little love bug but we use the tag-team approach with this current stage of Nolan's life which is working well for little Nolan but as a result we don't see each other very often and when we do we're either making googly eyes or staring in horror at the adorable or screaming baby.

So last night was wonderful. It was so nice to take some time for us, together, to reconnect and to find our love again. Not that it was lost, it just sometimes seems overlooked by our love for Nolan. I love Dave so much and feel so much fuller after our night together last night... so ... if there is anyone out there interested in babysitting... please speak up. We've already started planning our next date night.


  1. Aunt Sus and Uncle Geoff are willing to babysit anytime!

  2. If I were closer, I'd babysit all the time! xoxo, Auntie Liz.