Saturday, May 22, 2010

Basement update

You may remember we redid our basement in December and were just waiting to get the carpeting installed until the summer? We did it so we would have a play area for the kiddo and its friends, so we can move the TV from the spare bedroom and make that a guest room and to maximize our house space.

This weekend we picked out the carpeting for the basement. And we also decided to re carpet the dining room. It's strange that our dining room has carpeting anyway, but considering our dining room is where most of the children who come visit us spend much of their time, probably because of the carpeting, we decided we'd stick with it for a while. But the off white carpeting in the dining room leading out to the deck just seemed crazy. Off white? For the dining room? Silly.

So for the basement we picked a speckled plush that is light colored with dark speckles. And for the dining room we picked a brown patterned carpet that has a stain resistance/lifetime guarantee. If we can't get a stain out the carpet company will send someone to remove the stain and if they can't remove it they will replace the carpet. Not a bad concept if you must carpet the dining room, huh?

I am very excited to have a more child-proofed area for our smaller friends to come to our house and not have so many restrictions. The TV will be moved down there sometime too... not sure when though. Oh and the toys, when we start playing with them... soon.

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