Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are we on a schedule?

Since we brought Nolan home I've used this awesome little tool called Itzbeen. It is a timer that tracks the last time for diaper changes, feeding and sleeping. I absolutely love it because it helps me figure out why the little guy might be crying. If it's only been a hour since he ate, chances are he's not hungry. So I can tell you that Nolan goes about 3.5 hours in between feedings but I have no idea what time of day those feedings happen. It's a funny thing when you have no idea the time of day except if it's dark outside or if my husband is home- only then do I have any idea what hour it is. We don't use the sleep tracker yet since he wakes and sleeps so frequently although I've been more successful at getting him to sleep in his crib so perhaps I can start to use it soon.

So this week I decided to track what TIME Nolan eats and what TIME he sleeps to see if he has any sort of routine and whaddya know? He kind of does. Of course every day is a new one with screaming fits, lunch plans for mom or events to attend but in general I think he does have a bit of a routine. How exciting!

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