Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tired Girl

I am a tired girl. Dave is working crazy hours. Nolan has had some great nights but rough early mornings. We had visitors (Great Aunt Judy and Great Uncle Rich) in town and Nolan was a bit of a bear, roaring (well, actually mewing like a cat) and yelling. It was a nice visit, I wish I got to see Jude and Rich a bit more and I wish Nolan was cuter than he was but it was great. Nolan took a bath for their arrival so he would smell nice. And look at that big belly!

Only one more day of my mom's visit. It's been really helpful and enjoyable to have her here. Nolan and I will miss her when she's back home. We are a bit off our schedule since I tried to get a bunch of stuff done last week (my hair looks nice finally). And I have big plans to get to a yoga class over the weekend.

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