Friday, April 23, 2010

'Sick' vs 'Congested'

Throughout our relationship I will declare when I start to feel sick. When I think I'm coming down with a cold. Sometimes my body fights it and wins. Othertimes I get sick. Dave always rolls his eyes with each declaration.

Yesterday I declared that Nolan is getting sick. He, for sure, is congested in his head, not his nose, like me- no fever, pleasant mood, sleeping and eating well, plenty of diapers to be changed. Well, minus the diapers for me. Anyway, he and I seem to have the same thing.

I asked Dave what he thought about the plans I have today, should we cancel them because Nolan is 'sick'. He doesn't play with toys so it's not like he can give his cold to anyone. No one holds him when we're out so he won't be getting germs or giving germs. Dave said, 'Nolan is congested. He'd be fine going out.'

That's when it occurred to me, Dave does not consider 'congested' 'sick'. And I do. And suddenly his eye rolling made sense to me. And Dave is right, just because he and I are a little congested, if we feel fine otherwise then we are not 'sick'. I mean, seriously, look how happy this kid is, does he look 'sick'?

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  1. OMG....Look at that smile. Colleen he's a keeper, that's for sure! Glad to see you are all doing well and adjusting to your new life. Stop by and pay us a visit...will ya?