Thursday, April 22, 2010

Real Busy Week

Wow, what a week. Tomorrow is Friday. ALREADY! Holy moley. I checked my planner and I can't believe all that was written for this week. Lunch plans, visitors, mom's group stuff. It's fantastic. I loved it.

Today I had my follow up appointment with my OB. It was strangely sad to say goodbye to the group. There was a particular nurse who helped me through a lot. A REAL LOT and I am so thankful for all of her support and when I saw her and introduced her to Nolan, after our warm hug, I nearly broke down and cried. There are a lot of people I don't think I could have handled my pregnancy without but all but this one nurse I continue to be in touch and contact with. Perhaps I will regularly call Shelly, the Advice Nurse, just to check in and let her know I still think of her.

At any rate, I learned what my 'baby weight' retention is. I will soon learn my new CBC (Complete Blood Count) and have been given the 'ok' to resume pre-pregnancy life. Exercise and all. Now if I could just stop eating those sweets....

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