Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nolan's Bedroom Theme

So we decided on Nolan's bedroom theme. I (er, I mean we) originally planned on sailboats and airplanes but when I went to go buy the stuff it just didn't excite me. And when I started thinking- what would excite me? What would give me the 'happies'? It occurred to me that he had to have a Snoopy room.

When I (er, we) started looking at bedroom decorating stuff, Snoopy was one of the picks but we didn't think it was truly gender neutral. It is definitely boy-gender. And I (we) forgot about it since the set is not sold at Babies R Us, the cult of babystores. I like the idea of not having to buy from a bedroom 'set' in order to get things for the theme. Snoopy stuff can be gotten anywhere, not just from Lambs and Ivy brand.

SO, when all is said and done, Nolan will have a Snoopy room. Complete with a Snoopy lamp. Yes, I won that argument. It is probably the most expensive lamp in our home, but I just HAD to get it. When the stuff arrives and when the room is decorated, I will post photos! So FUN!
I (we) are also working on birth announcements. That is very fun! Here is a photo of Nolan that did not make the cut. He was not a happy baby during this photo shoot...

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