Monday, April 12, 2010

Last day of Gramma

Today was the last full day Gramma will be here and I think Nolan was upset about it. He wanted to get all the Gramma that he could and decided he was not interested in sleeping. Surprisingly he wasn't a bear about it, he just would doze off and then realize he was missing out on some snuggle or play time and wake up. Even the old faithful, a walk, didn't keep him snoozing for longer than one hour. But he was in a great mood and played on the activity mat a lot. We even got about 3 minutes of tummy-time (lay the kid on belly and watch him try to lift is giant head). Although he was more excited about his hands being so close to his mouth and not flailing around-he WAS able to catch them for a good suck on his tummy. But here's a great photo of his play-time.

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