Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Different Goals

Today my goals were different. I traded in 'showering before noon' for 'take a nap'. At first I didn't think either goal would happen- little Nolan was not looking tired at all this morning. He napped for only an hour between 7:30 and noonish. With my throat hurting and my head beginning to hurt I really desperately wanted a nap. I knew if I didn't get one I would be tired but fine, but when you begin to believe you'll be taking a nap shortly, you suddenly NEED a nap. So we got about 1 hour of naptime in.

Our day today was much better than yesterday, tummywise. This morning he had a rough start but the day went on, he was content, even let out some smiles. We tried more of his gear today- the Bjorn, the bouncy chair, swing, mobile in crib, etc. These are all things he is not really always interested in. He liked most today which leads me to believe he's feeling better.
Something interesting happened today on our walk. About two blocks from home he started to scream. And I mean yelling and screaming like crazy. I didn't know what to do. What am I supposed to do? Pick him up and carry him? Or just keep pushing, smiling as though nothing is wrong to the staring neighbors? I picked him up and carried him the last two blocks. But experienced mothers thoughts would be appreciated...

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