Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Scare

I have been dreading giving Nolan the vitamins he is supposed to have. They smell terrible and the first time I gave them to him he coughed up about half. That was a week or so ago. So with my mom in town I attempted the vitamin drops again. Nolan seemed fine for a minute and I even praised him- Good boy! Then he pulled a deep loud inhale and started making the universal "I am choking" motion. I turned him around and patted his back and he coughed a little then made the gagging motion. I turned him upside down and on his stomach and he coughed up a bunch of spit and mucus and was gasping for air, not completely successfully. This went on for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably 1 minute and after calling my mom to come in and help, I asked if I should call 911. She suggested calling the pediatrician. So we called, they asked some questions, "no, he is not blue" and suggested I bring him in. Five minutes later we arrive at the doctors, he's sleeping in his carseat breathing away and I'm unsuccessfully fighting back tears. We walked into the office, they said 'Nolan is here, go to room 5' a nurse met us at the door to check his oxygen levels and respirations, all were fine. Doctor came in and listened to his lungs for a long time, they were fine. I was not. I promised Nolan I would never make him take those vitamin drops again. I told the doctor I wouldn't give him any more and the doctor laughed and said it was ok to take a few more weeks before giving him the vitamins. That job is now a Dad-task. I refuse. It was so scary. Poor little guy. Now he's snoozing on Gramma. And breathing.

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  1. Sounds like you did everything right, and there's no need to hold back those tears - that's a scary thing! Just remember that Nolan will have no memory of this, mom. :)