Monday, April 5, 2010

All Out of Whack

We are all out of whack here in our household. Little Nolan slept until 8:30 when I woke him up to eat. I forgot to eat pretty much all day today with the exception of cinnamon buns we had for Easter. Although the irony is my Mom and I made tons of food for the freezer but while making all of that food, not once did any of it enter my mouth. So around 2:30 I realize I should be hungry... I asked my mom if we could have dinner at 4 but she didn't think that was a good idea. So I had a ham sandwich and we'll have left over ham and potatoes from Easter (YUM) for dinner in a while.

So tomorrow my goals are: bathe the kid, bathe myself, eat regularly/several meals, get my haircut (THANK GOD) and go for a walk (or go shopping if the weather is rotten). Wish me luck!

Oh, and seriously, how absolutely precious is this photo. The two loves of my life...

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