Monday, March 1, 2010


This weekend was a funny one. On Saturday we woke up and realized we had nothing to do. NOTHING. There wasn't a to-do list. There wasn't anything we needed to buy. There wasn't anything to organize, wash, clean. There was nothing to do. What a funny thing, after months of having lengthy to-do lists or plans or visitors it was a true treat to have no plans.

We decided to go to lunch at Max Burger. We watched a movie about Notorious B.I.G. I had brunch with Jen on Sunday and took a nap and watched the hockey game. What an indulgent weekend. Nothing to do.

The funny thing is, we have nothing planned for next weekend too. It makes me wonder if we should make plans or just enjoy another possible weekend of no plans. Or, maybe we'll have a baby. Who knows?

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