Friday, March 5, 2010

This baby is still cooking- 40 weeks belly photos

So after being told my baby is perfect at the doctors appointment today (well, aside from not showing up on it's due date) I am feeling fabulous. Well, ok, as fabulous as a woman can at this point. There is nothing really 'new' to report since last update. I feel good. But HUGE.

Some people have told me I look huge. Others have told me I look tiny. Strangers have told me I look great. People who know me don't tell me that. :) I think I look ok. My body looks fine, my face seems to have been swollen so that my nose and cheeks swallow up my other features when I smile (notice the not quite smiles in these photos). And I move a lot slower.

Today is my due date. Baby hasn't arrived yet. It still has a few more hours to arrive on it's scheduled due date, but I'm guessing it won't happen today.

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