Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First day off

Today is the first first day of my maternity leave. I decided to take a few days off and had trouble deciding when the right time to leave. Friday is my due date. Today I had a doctors appointment (one of 4 in the next week and a half) and got a pedicure and hand massage. What bliss. My afternoon plans are to lay somewhere under some blankets and snooze or read.

But a day like this makes me really start to wonder what my days AB (after baby) will be. I have some goals for myself and while they do not seem like lofty goals, they do create a schedule for me (er, I mean us). I have a goal to shower daily, before noon. Another goal is to get outside at least once a day- take a walk, go somewhere, do something. I wonder how successful I will be at reaching these daily goals.

For now, my goals are to relax and enjoy these last moments BB (before baby). And so far I have really enjoyed them. Last night Dave and I went to Bricco, a restaurant we really love, to celebrate my last work day. We enjoyed ravioli (which dave proclaimed the best ravioli he ever ate), pasta dishes (mine: cauliflower and shrimp; Dave's: carbonara) and a blood orange cheesecake. The food was absolutely spectacular. The raviolis were incredibly decadent.

I better wrap up here, my blankets are calling for me...

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  1. YAY for naps and pedis and dinner at Bricco. Very exciting lady!