Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Figuring things out...

So our little peanut is teeny and he looks so small in his crib. He sleeps in this during the day, when he gets his best sleep. We keep telling him that he needs to sleep well at night and not as well during the day... hopefully he'll listen soon. Nights aren't so bad, but end up being very long since that's his awake time.

We went for our first walk today. It was a lovely day, weather wise and Nolan was a champ, he behaved, kept his hands inside the ride at all times and slept the whole way. It was also my first walk since the delivery. It felt good, I was real tired after the short walk and my legs are a bit sore, but it was so nice to get outside.
And he got his first bath at home. Well, it wasn't a tub bath, but he did a good job and really liked having his hair washed. I would too if I had hair that soft! His little body and head are so wrinkly but it's just precious.

Life is still grand. Despite the screwy sleeping, we're all doing well. Nolan has surpassed his birth weight and the pediatrician declares him perfect. :) He was so quiet and well behaved. It's funny, a friend told us to be sure to pack a diaper for our trip out to the doctor. We did, plus two burp cloths. We had no idea what else to pack. So, at the doctors office, we had to take off all his clothes. The nurse told us we could wrap him up in a blanket for a bit until the doctor arrived... which would have been nice if we had a blanket... so we wrapped him in burp cloths. Mental note: Pack a blanket and diapers.


  1. Super cute. Glad that all is well. xoxo

  2. I adore this baby! He is such a tiny little nugget.